My retirees cats

My pensioners

My Birmans adventure started when my heart started beating faster for the pics of miss Black Beauty.
Baku also knew very quickly how to climb into my heart with his Clown attitude.

Life takes many turns but no matter what, it’s always necessary to hold on to our dreams.
They guide us and if we let them go, we lose that for which we are prepared to fight.
If someone is breeding cats for their own importance and to inflate their ego, I feel sorry for them, don’t you agree ?
Because for true friends of cats, with each cat, whether for breeding or not, you have a companion for all your tears and joys every day.
No matter what his style, nothing will change the immense attachment which binds us one to the other…
Moreover, doesn’t even a simple lick transport you ? And a soft purring, doesn’t it make you feel as though you are in the clouds ?

Anubis delle Ninfe del Lago :

“Bella” Black Beauty de Mag Dream :

Gin Fyzz de la Chalardière :

Athos :

“Baku” Baba Cool de Mag Dream :